Mobile X-Ray Unit

Mobile X-Ray vehicles play an important role in providing effective and accessible healthcare services.

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What is the Function of Mobile X-Ray Vehicles?

Mobile X-Ray vehicles play an important role in providing effective and accessible healthcare services. In this context, mobile X-ray vehicles represent a whole new dimension of imaging technology. These vehicles create a transformation in healthcare by bringing the diagnostic imaging needs of patients to their doorstep.

Mobile X-Ray Container

ENAK Mobile X-ray Containers are trailers integrated with portable X-ray devices. These containers aim to provide medical imaging services directly where patients are located. Technologically equipped, these vehicles include X-ray machines, enabling instant acquisition of X-ray images. ENAK Mobile X-ray containers are used in various scenarios, especially in emergencies, home care services, medical needs in remote areas, and disaster situations.

ENAK Mobile X-ray containers offer many advantages to make healthcare more accessible and efficient. They play a significant role, particularly in the following areas:

  • Emergency Situations: Obtaining quick and accurate diagnoses in emergency medical situations is vital. ENAK Mobile X-ray vehicles provide the opportunity to quickly take X-rays of injured or ill individuals, assisting in rapid treatment.
  • Special Care: Elderly individuals or patients receiving home care can access diagnostic imaging comfortably through the services offered by ENAK mobile X-ray vehicles. This increases the patients' comfort and sense of safety at home.
  • Remote and Inaccessible Areas: ENAK Mobile X-ray vehicles provide a significant solution for individuals living in remote areas or having difficulty accessing medical centers. These vehicles enable patients in these areas to benefit from diagnostic advantages.
  • Disaster Situations: In natural disasters or crisis situations, patients may need immediate medical evaluation. ENAK Mobile X-ray vehicles are used to provide quick and accurate diagnostic information in such conditions.

ENAK specializes in the production of custom-designed and original Mobile X-Ray trailers tailored to customer preferences and needs. ENAK X-ray units can be installed on various vehicle chassis. Everything is subject to the customer's requests and requirements. Interior fittings are created according to customer preferences.

A typical X-Ray Vehicle might encompass the following components:

-Integrated lead insulation panels

-X-ray room supported by battery or capacitor

-Waiting area and computer-operated X-ray unit

-Lead shields and defense walls

-Lead doors and windows

-Stairs for ascending

-Wheelchair entry and lift

-Inverter-type conditioned air system

-Electrical infrastructure (Distribution Board (DB), Plugs, Lights, Network)

-Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

-Generator (220 Volt)

-Hand wash basin with water storage

-Warning signage


-Quality Assurance (QA)

At ENAK, we take pride in our ability to create Mobile X-Ray vehicles that cater to a diverse range of specifications, ensuring optimal functionality and satisfaction for our valued clients.

By introducing innovation to the medical landscape, ENAK Mobile X-ray vehicles fulfill patients' medical imaging needs with ease and swiftness. These vehicles assume a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility, expediting emergency interventions, and catering to medical requirements of individuals in distant regions, thus paving the way for a more promising future for healthcare services.