Mobile Laboratory Vehicle

Mobile laboratories are an extremely versatile and efficient solution for conducting scientific experiments and research in remote areas.

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What is the Function of Mobile Laboratories?

Mobile laboratories are an extremely versatile and efficient solution for conducting scientific experiments and research in remote areas. These laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art devices and technologies that allow researchers to perform their work with precision and accuracy wherever they may be.

One of the main advantages of these laboratories is their mobility. They can easily be transported to remote areas, allowing researchers to collect data and conduct real-time experiments in the field. These tools are particularly important in areas where data collection and analysis are critical.

Mobile Laboratories, which stand out with their versatility, can be equipped with a wide range of devices and equipment according to the needs of the research project. For example, a mobile laboratory for water quality testing may include pH meters, oxygen sensors, and spectrophotometers, while a soil analysis laboratory may include moisture sensors, nutrient analyzers, and gas chromatographs.

Mobile Laboratories serve in many fields such as health, natural disasters, emergencies, mining, oil and gas industry, agriculture, food industry, and environmental protection.

ENAK Mobile Laboratory Vehicle

ENAK Mobile Laboratory Vehicle is a special vehicle built using materials that are resistant to changing acid and chemical compound concentrations. The vehicle is designed to be easily cleaned using cleaners such as alcohol and detergent. Inside the vehicle, there are cabinets, tables, and drawers suitable for storage. The vehicle contains a separate heating and cooling system that is not dependent on the vehicle. The vehicle floor is covered with an antibacterial, waterproof PVC coating. When the vehicle is parked, the hydraulic automatic leveling and repair system comes into operation.

ENAK Mobile Laboratory Vehicle has a range of accessories and a sink system. In addition, it is equipped with a range of laboratory equipment, including a pure water device, blood counter, urine analysis device, incubator, centrifuge, microscope, refrigerator, and other laboratory materials.

ENAK Mobile Laboratory Vehicles, which are also greatly needed in the health sector, are used especially when medical analysis is required quickly in remote areas or in emergencies. Depending on a specific purpose, these vehicles can be equipped with special technologies and equipment for specific requirements.

ENAK Mobile Laboratories, equipped with the necessary equipment, can perform the following analyses quickly and effectively.

Anthropometric assessment tests: They can be used for tests to assess individuals' health status.

Blood tests: Mobile laboratories can perform blood tests. Blood tests are used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as infections and blood cancer. In addition, blood tests can be used to evaluate many different parameters such as hormones, electrolytes, and blood sugar levels.

Urine tests: Urine tests are used to evaluate kidney functions, infections, and many other health issues. Mobile laboratories can perform urine tests and report the results quickly.

Biochemical analyses: Biochemical analyses are used to evaluate chemical components in blood and urine samples. Mobile laboratories can perform these analyses and report the results quickly.

Microbiological tests: Mobile laboratories can perform microbiological tests. These tests are used to diagnose and treat infections. They can also be used in many other fields such as food microbiology.

Genetic tests: Mobile laboratories can perform genetic tests. These tests are used to determine the hereditary causes of diseases. They can also be used to plan the correct treatment.

In conclusion, ENAK Mobile Laboratories are a valuable tool for scientific research and experiments. Their mobility and versatility make them suitable for conducting research in remote areas and their advanced technology provides researchers with the opportunity to collect accurate data and perform real-time analysis.

ENAK Mobile Laboratory Vehicle can be designed and implemented according to customer demands and needs.