Mobile Gynecology Clinic Vehicle

Mobile gynecology clinics are mobile healthcare units established to facilitate access to health services for women...

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Mobile Gynecology

Mobile gynecology units represent a innovative approach to delivering healthcare services to women, particularly those residing in distant and challenging environments. These units, often configured as panel vans, vans, or containers, are meticulously equipped with essential tools and materials to conduct thorough gynecological examinations.

ENAK's Mobile Gynecology Unit ENAK's mobile gynecology units provide a comprehensive range of services aimed at identifying, diagnosing, and treating various women's gynecological health concerns. These services encompass gynecological examinations, smear tests, HPV screening, pregnancy tests, ultrasonography, medical consultations, and prescription services. Moreover, these units may extend their services to include pregnancy monitoring and childbirth assistance.

The significance of ENAK's mobile gynecology units is particularly pronounced for women residing in remote locales. Beyond merely facilitating access to health services, these clinics play a crucial role in expediting the treatment process by enabling early detection of health issues, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes. Serving as a cornerstone in community health, ENAK's Mobile Gynecology Units stand as a pivotal instrument in advancing women's accessibility to healthcare services.

These ENAK Mobile Gynecology Clinics:

-Can be constructed on various types of vehicle chassis, such as minibusses or trailers.

-Can include multiple rooms.

-Can include an area for women to change clothes.

-Can feature gynecological examination tables inside the vehicles.

-Can accommodate urological and minor surgical procedures.

-Can have waiting and reception areas.

-Can include restroom and shower facilities for both patients and staff.

-Have epoxy-coated floors for easy cleaning.

ENAK Mobile Gynecology Clinics specifically focus on women's infertility and family planning.

ENAK Women's Health and Obstetrics Clinics can utilize the following various devices:

  • 1-Ultrasonography Devices: Used for pregnancy monitoring, pelvic examinations, and gynecological assessments.
  • 2-Doppler Devices: Used for monitoring fetal heartbeats, commonly employed in pregnancy monitoring.
  • 3-Colposcope: An optical device used during gynecological exams to closely examine the cervix and vaginal tissues.
  • 4-Pap Smear Test: Used to detect the presence of abnormal cell formations by taking a cervical swab.
  • 5-Gynecological Biopsy Needles: Used to take tissue samples for pathological examinations.
  • 6-Obstetric and Gynecological (OB-GYN) Examination Table: Specially designed examination tables for gynecological assessments and procedures.
  • 7-Laboratory Equipment: Equipment required for conducting laboratory tests such as blood and urine analyses.

These ENAK Mobile Gynecology Clinics can be built on vehicles capable of traveling through the world's most challenging roads to reach the most remote areas, ensuring access to healthcare facilities.