Mobile healthcare vehicles, mobile hospital,trailer etc.  It provides services in many fields such as gynecology, mammography, eye, dental and laboratory, and continues to serve users by using the latest technology products.

We provide purposeful services in hospitals, clinics, charity, government and departments in the tenders for health fields.

We export by providing the production of reduced mobile health vehicles for all usage purposes and services on the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa.

The warranty period of mobile health vehicles is usually 2 years.

There is a 2-year warranty on its devices.

It is 45 days on average depending on the design of the vehicles. It varies according to the number of units.

The customer starts the order by making a prepayment. Once the vehicle is converted and ready, the rest of the payment is paid for and the vehicle is exported.

Our payment methods are prepayment of the percentage determined by bank transfer. After the vehicle is ready, the remaining part is paid by the customer and the vehicle is sent.

Enak medical vehicles can serve multiple purposes on a single chassis. This means that on a trailer or long chassis, it can consist of more than one room, such as gynecology, mammography, laboratory, examination operating room, according to the customer's request.

It can be  designed on the truck ,trailer or minibus chassis.

Although the usage area of ​​the Mobile Laboratory is very extensive,Anthropometry assessments Blood chemistry measurements Condition assessments such as wearing a mask and pulmonary function testing Highly products equipment products such as dentures mental health screenings Nutritional analysis, often including macro and micronutrient analysis, obesity and diabetes prevention programs It provides services in many fields.

State-of-the-art medical devices can be placed for service and purpose.

In a simple laboratory, there are cabinets, drawers, refrigerator, waste bin,refrigerator where medicines are stored, and sinks. After determining for purpose of using it , presentation and drawing is shown to the customer.

The electrical installation of the laboratory is equipped with the electrical power that the devices can handle, and a generator can be added if desired.

We can design on vehicles such as pickup trucks, minibuses, trailers.

After being equipped with the materials and devices that should be in a normal hospital environment, the Mobile Clinic offers all the services that a hospital will provide and is able to go to the patient's feet.

You can set up your own clinic regardless of your branch and position it wherever you want. This is the biggest advantage of mobile health vehicles

The device and medical devices are placed for the purpose for which the Mobile Clinic will be used. For example, if you want a dental clinic, you can equip it with basic items such as a dental chair, lighting, cabinets, sink.

Klinikte kullanılacak cihaza göre değişmektedir.

It can be installed on pickup trucks, trailers or minibuses.

X-ray equipment in an X-ray tool consists of cabinets, drawers, printer, laptop, refrigerator, examination couch, armchair, cabin heater, air conditioner, generator, fire extinguisher, trash can, lighting, etc., depending on the loading requests and needs..

X-Ray is an imaging technique that uses X-rays, gamma rays, or similar types of radiation to view the interior of an object.

It can be designed for the outpatient and inpatient, and customer's purpose and desire can serve.