enak mobile x-ray vehicle
Enak Mobile X-RAY Vehicle

Enak creates unique Mobile X-Ray vehicles that we modify and construct in accordance with client preferences and requirements.

Our mobile X-ray units can be built on various vehicle chassis. The box-type vehicle’s chassis may be made of Iveco or Mercedes. It all depends on the wants and demands of the client. The interior furnishings are created in accordance with customer preferences.

A typical X- Ray Vehicle might have the following components:

insulation panels (integrated lead)
Battery- or capacitor-assisted X-ray room Waiting area and computer operated X-ray unit
Lead shields and walls of defense
Lead doors and windows
ascending stairs
Wheelchair entry and lift
Conditional air (Inverter Type)
electrical task (DB, Plugs, Lights, Network)
Generator for uninterruptible power supplies (220 Volt)
Electrical work (DB, Plugs, Lights, Network)
Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
Generator (220 Volt)
Hand wash basin with water storage
Warning signs
Quality Assurance (QA)


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