enak mobile laboratory

Enak Mobile Laboratory Vehicle

Our mobile laboratory vehicle can be used for many different purposes by putting the analysis devices preferred by our customers. It is manufactured and used by our customers for many different purposes such as blood and urine laboratory, drinking water supply laboratory, fuel analysis laboratory, depending on the function of the analysis devices placed inside. The workbench in our Mobile Laboratory vehicle; is made of special material that can be easily cleaned with materials such as alcohol and detergent, and is resistant to various degrees of acid and chemical materials.

There are cabinets, tables and drawers made of foamboard material in the appropriate areas in the rooms. There is a heating and cooling system independent of the vehicle. The entire vehicle floor is waterproof, antibacterial pvc coating. There is an automatic, hydraulic fixing and balancing system that works when the vehicle is parked. 

There is a sink system and accessories.in the laboratory, there are pure water device, blood counter, urine analyzer, incubator, centrifuge, microscope, cooler, various laboratory materials, patient examination table and equipment

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