enak mobile gynecology
Enak Mobile Gynecology Vehicle

Different kinds of vehicle chassis can be used to build a mobile gynecology clinic on a van or trailer.
It is intended to provide outpatient treatment or gynecological examinations to individuals who reside in remote areas and have restricted access to hospitals.
It may include numerous rooms.
It may contain a changing area where women can put on and take off their clothes.
The middle of the car may accommodate the gynecological exam table.
on Urologic and minor surgical procedures can be performed.
There is a waiting space and a reception area for first patient screening (with a lavatory for both patients and staff).
The gynecological examination ambulance’s floor was coated in a washable epoxy substance.

Obstetrics and gynecology, especially female infertility, and family planning are the focus of these mobile women’s clinics. These OB-GYN clinics may use a variety of devices, including: 1) ultrasound machines, 2) fetal monitoring, 3) PAP smear tests, 4) various female test devices, etc.
All of these mobile women’s centers are fully capable of traveling via the worst road systems on earth to reach patients and areas that are the farthest from healthcare facilities.

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