enak hospital trailer
Mobile Hospital Clinic Trailer

The mobile clinic vehicle is designed according to the customer’s needs. It is like a mobile clinic with complete medical equipment. A hospital trailer consists of many rooms such as examination room, reception room, laboratory, x-ray room, operating room, technical room, toilets and showers. These rooms can be designed according to customer requirements. Enak ambulance manufacturer guides the use of mobile trailers when required.

What does a mobile clinic offer?

Mobile clinic is advanced laboratory equipment that can be shared in many cities or counties where outbreaks may occur. Mobile clinics may also deign to provide veterinary services for livestock and even pets.

ENAK’s mobile clinics are equipped with fully equipped examination rooms and are completely self-sufficient.

Some of services offered by the mobile clinic include:

  • Child vaccination
  • Emergency management of chronic diseases
  • General adult and pediatric care
  • HIV testing and counseling
  • Social services
  • TB scan
  • Women’s health

Access to basic health care is unequal in most countries, cities, and towns. Even with access to health services, many settlements lack medical clinics to serve large populations. ENAK takes the medical clinic to its patients! Our mobile clinics serve to ensure that everyone receives medical care.


The Design of Enak Mobile  Hospital Clinic Trailer
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