enak emergency type ambulance
Emergency Type Ambulance

The emergency ambulance fully complies with the EN 1789 ambulance standard. Engineering and medical materials used in ambulances, seats, stretcher platforms, stretchers and medical equipment assembly tools comply with the appropriate En1789 ambulance standards. Mercedes ambulances are built to Ministry of Health specifications. Mercedes emergency ambulance made of left side, right side and ceiling with ABS cover

Electrical Installation

All electrical installations used in the construction and equipment of the ambulance. Fasteners for medical equipment and ambulance connectors manufactured according to EN 1789 + A2. Mercedes Sprinter ambulances and ambulance equipment are the latest offerings. They have never been used compared to their niche. The ambulance works as a whole according to the equipment and accessories it contains. The entire electrical system used in an ambulance is accessible from both the patient and driver compartments. All fuses, gauges and control panels are installed for easy maintenance. External containers for ambulance dome lights, electronic equipment, medical equipment. These connections are not only corrosion resistant, but also waterproof.

The installation materials used in the ambulance are compliant with international standards equal to ISO 1435 or ISO 6722-1. The ambulance’s ABS upholstery material is fireproof.

Electric equipment in transformation, the electric chukker that is an accessory, and Mercedes ambulances all have unique installations. In contrast to the chukkers in the ambulance’s electrical system, that is a different color.

A thermoplastic covering isolates the materials. It is appropriate for use with Mercedes ambulances and has high heat resistance.

The installation of the electric cable connectors and sockets, external 220v electric system, inverter, and redresor devices in the ambulance is done in accordance with EN ISO 8092-1, EN ISO 8092-3, and EN ISO 8092-4 specifications.

In the left portion of the vehicle’s general area, there is a rectifier with a 15 Ah capacity and a 220V input socket that is protected from water and powder that supplies the Mercedes ambulance vehicle with the necessary battery charge while it is not in use or at rest.

Technical and Medical Equipment in Mercedes Ambulance

On the front and back ceilings, there are headlamps that use LED technology to provide that outside-looking illumination. These lamps have voice warning capabilities and may be regulated from the driver’s cabin. As long as the ambulance’s door is open, the back projector, which is housed in the headlamp, may light the main stretcher.

The patient compartment of a Mercedes ambulance is large enough to accommodate two patients being transported and treated simultaneously when one is lying and the other is sitting.

The manufacturer’s original catalog characteristics will be present on the ambulance’s exterior dimensions. After leaving the factory, the external measures won’t change in any way. The side of the car hasn’t changed, and polymids

The Equipment List Of Enak B Type Ambulance


Main Stretcher(1PCS)
Main Stretcher Lock System (1PCS)
Combination Stretcher(1PCS)
Vacuum Stretcher (1PCS) Scoop Stretcher(1PCS)


Left Side Cabinet-ABS(1PCS)
Right Side Cabinet-ABS(1PCS)
Ceiling -ABS(1PCS)


Air Splint Set (1 Set)
Cervical Collars(1 Set)
Spine Board(1PCS)
Birth Kit(1PCS)
Burn Set(1PCS)
Portable Suction Pump(1PCS)
Transport Ventilator(1PCS)
Reanimation Unit(1PCS)
Fixed Spyhg.(1PCS)
Portable Spygh.(1PCS)
Traction Splint Set(1 Set)


Electrical System(1SET)
Digital Power Panel
Rectifier -Battery Charger-(1PCS)
Rectifier 220V Electric Entry and Cutting(1PCS)
Additional Gel Battery(1PCS)
Socket 12V(2PCS)
Invertor 12V/220V/1000W(1PCS)
Outlet 220V (2PCS)
Fuse Curciut Breaker(1PCS)
Led Lighting(2PCS)
Stretcher Spot Lights(4PCS)
Electronic Siren and Top Lightbar(1PCS)
Back Top Lightbar Side Warning Lamps(6PCS)
Rear Cabin Heater(1PCS)


Basic Medical Equipment Bag


Swivel and Foldable Seat


Oxygen Hose and Records(1PCS)
Oxygen Cyclinder 2X10lt(2PCS)
Oxygen Outlet(1PCS)
Oxygen Regulator(2PCS)
Oxygen Flowmeter(1PCS)
Suction Outlet(1PCS)


Floor Insulatıon(1PCS)
Flooring Covering(1PCS)
Anti-Bacterial Flooring(7m2)
Water Proofing(1PCS)


Oxygen Cylinder 2LT(1PCS)
Oxygen Regulator(1PCS)


Partition Cabinet(1PCS)


Partition Cover(1PCS)
Glass Partition(1PCS)
Door inner Cover(1PCS)
Inside Cabin Mounting Brackets(1PCS)


Fire Extiguisher(2PCS)
NO Smoking -Oxygen(2PCS)
Hammer For Breaking Glass Belt Cutter(2PCS)
Rear Handrail(1PCS)
Side Reflective Lines(1PCS)
All Text and Logos(1PCS)
Ceiling Infusion Hanger(2PCS)
Side Door Sliding Glass(1PCS)

The Design of Enak B Type Ambulance
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