About Us


At ENAK,We continue our activities in the health sector by manufacturing mobile healthcare vehicles complying with international standards for many domestic and international organizations.

Our head office is in Ataşehir, and we produce the highest quality mobile health vehicles and ambulances in line with the wishes and needs of our valued customers in our factory in Sancaktepe with more than 50 employees.We started our activities in Germany in 1993 and continue our 28 years of experience in Turkey and  we export worldwide.In the health sector, we have succeeded in making our name known by exporting to more than 40 countries as one of the leading names of quality health care vehicles  manufacturers in Turkey.By complying with the principles of business ethics such as honesty, reliability and durability, we have gained the approval of our customers and have developed our customer portfolio due to their recommendation to their close circles.We continue to serve and represent our country in the best way.


At ENAK , we are a well-known brand in the international healthcare industry, and we are a candidate to take an active role in every saved life.

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