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A Type Ambulance

A TYPE AMBULANCES It is the patient transport ambulances, which transport a stabilized patient inside to be secure with health care staff. Previous Next

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B Type Ambulance

In an emergency situation, it can provide the first intervention of a patient and if it is necessary it can transport the patient to a hospital. B type ambulances have high technical equipments and have the ability to intervent to any emergency situation with a doctor.

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C Type Ambulance

They are the emergency car ambulances that are transporting high-risk patients, who are treated in an institution to another institution, in order to reach in safe.

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Box Ambulance

the 4×4 Ambulance are manufactured with high Tecnology,best price by ENAK.

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4×4 Ambulance

We work with our clients and do a deep analysis of their business. We help prepare possible outcomes to different decisions.

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Armoured Ambulance

A single Mobile Clinic can gather different specialized medical activities and thus propose a complete screening and care offer, diversified and quickly available in the most remote areas.

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Mobil Labarotory

ENAK Mobil manufactured well thought-out complete solutions such as field hospitals, mobile hospitals, medical containers as well as medical tents and turnkey clinics in modular design for a wide variety of requirements for example:
Operation rooms
Intensivse care
Mammography and Gynecology clinics
Dental clinics

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Container Clinic

In difficult situation such as wars and in rural areas, container and tent hospitals are everywhere in the world with high technology.

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Field Hospital

Our mission to help people getting medical services in case of emergency such as natural disasters and wars regardless of geographical condition .

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Snow Ambulance

Snow Ambulance We have lots of snow in mountains so it is hard to travel in that area. It is such a challenge for an ambulance to come near to the mountains and it will have another hard time coming back to the land. In particular, when it is hard for the local in the

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Ambulance Boat

Boat Ambulance Main Features Deck and cabin Structure in aluminium for nauticalenvironment.Medical area for patienttreatment separated from cabinwith a doorSpecial equipment for medical rescue and resuscitation.Shock absorbing stretcher,Shock absorbing seats for pilot,crew and health workerStorage cabinet for medical equipment Foldable ramp for loading of terrestrial stretchers,Tempered glass on the entire cabinNavigation Lights/mooring lightkitCourtesy Light (stern)

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