enak mobile mamography
Enak Mobile Mammography Vehicle

Mobile mammography is a powerful tool for the early identification and treatment of breast cancer that can help save lives.

As with traditional medical practices, they may include such spaces as a lobby, waiting area, restroom, examination room, mammography, breast ultrasound, exam analysis room, and disability access.

A beneficial tool is mobile mammography
the health of women
mobile medical clinic close to a women’s residence
reduced waiting and travel times
More comfort and peace
accessible technological components
Breast cancer screening, lead protection that complies with local regulations, microdose tomosynthesis, analog, and digital mammography,
putting in any brands,
obstetric and gynecological examinations,
teletransmission using satellite technology or a built-in 3G or 4G key,
diagnostic equipment,
rapid deployment
acces for wheelchairs,

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