enak mobile mamography
Enak Mobile Mammography Vehicle

Mobile mammography, an efficient way for early detection and fight against breast cancer in order to save lives.

As classical medical practices, they can consist  of the some rooms as : reception office, waiting room, changing cabin, examination room, mammography, breast ultrasound, exam analysis room, disabled access…

Mobile mammography, a win-win tool
Wellness for women
Mobile medical practice near women’s home
Reduced travel and waiting time
More serenity and comfort
Some technical elements available
Microdose, tomosynthesis, analog, digital mammography,
Breast Cancer Screening,
Lead-protection adapted to local regulation,
Installation of any brands,
Gynecological and obstetric exams,
Teletransmission by satellite communication or integrated 3G/4G key,
Diagnostic tools,
Quick deployment,
Wheelchair access,

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